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Debi & Juliet

By Honeypot Marketing, Mar 24 2014 01:00AM

The title of this blog of course, is the answer to the question posed in the title of our first blog. We hope you’re still with us…….

Blogs were a trend that we didn’t really have time for, so we decided we didn’t need them. We wanted to get on with the work, build our business, find new clients, and struggle our way through the maze of tax, VAT, accounts, bookkeeping, as well as the endless stream of ‘paperwork’ involved in running our own business – the boring stuff.

Eventually, worn down by the mountain of tasks which weren’t actually associated with the work we were trying to do for our clients, we decided to benefit from some government funding for once and seek the help of a business coach.

We have been working with Denise for a few months now. She’s starting to take on our old care-worn aura while we are starting to greet her with a spring in our step – she’s our very own ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’, you might say.

She gives us homework, she tells us off, she makes us do it again, and she made us write a blog. She said that it would enable us to reach people, to engage with them and showcase our expertise. What she has really done is unleashed the dragon – we just love writing about our journey, and now we may never stop.


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